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For over 70 years, ODL has been an industry leader in doorglass, doorglass framing systems, and other building products that bring value to the trade and to the homeowner. These white papers were created to provide insight and education on some of the unique problems our industry faces along with proposed solutions.

Selling to Today's Buyers: Thriving in the Era of E-commerce and Educated Customers

Something new is happening in the window and door industry: by the time a buyer gets to the dealer, they often know what they want. This is the result of an Internet-savvy market. Buyers familiarize themselves with product information on manufacturers' and dealers' websites, consult peer review and pour over discussion forums. In turn, manufacturers and dealers have been challenged with responding to a much-altered sales process. This white paper will help clarify who today's buyers are and provide insights into how to sell to them.

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Greenfield decorative door glass

Doorglass Framing Systems Provide Specific Solutions for Key Performance Issues

The long-term performance of an exterior door with a glass insert is dependent upon the doorglass framing system. This white paper describes the features and benefits of the unique ODL, Inc., doorglass framing systems for exterior steel and fiberglass doors, including easy installation, energy efficiency, tested performance, quality assurance, and value-driven manufacturing.

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