What to Consider


All ODL Enclosed Blinds offer a stylish way to control light and privacy at your exterior entry door. Since the blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, there is no need to dust. In addition, because there are no exposed cords, they are child and pet friendly. ODL Enclosed Blinds can also solve other home owner issues. Here are some other things to consider when choosing the right Enclosed Blinds product for your home.

Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

With matching privacy channels and operators, the colors of your entry door blinds will always coordinate with your décor. Close the blinds for complete privacy and security or open them up to enjoy the outdoors—and every level in between. The levels of light and privacy are yours to control using our easy operator. The full privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows, and sunlight glare. ODL Enclosed Blinds Color Collection is offered with Low-E+ glass and can meet ENERGY STAR® requirements when used with an ENERGY STAR® qualified door.

ODL Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

Light‑Touch® Enclosed Blinds

For optimal privacy and light control, consider Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds. The ergonomically placed, single operator controls the raise, lower, and tilt and can adjust to completely block exterior light. The full-height privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows, and sunlight glare. Light Touch blinds carry a 20-year glass seal warranty for long-term performance in your exterior door.

ODL Light-Touch Enclosed Blinds

Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds with Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

ODL Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds are a great choice in areas where sound suppression is desired. Not only do they suppress sound with an STC value of 34, but they also reduce heat transmission by up to 28% utilizing our Low-E glass. The contoured grilles create a pleasing aesthetic for your exterior French doors or patio doors.

ODL Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds with Grilles Between Glass

Severe Weather Light‑Touch® Enclosed Blinds

ODL Severe Weather Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds offer home protection in areas that exceed winds of 180 miles per hour and are a great alternative to traditional storm shutters. The door blinds are completely sealed and protected between laminated glass panels that offer a sound suppression of 35. Our Severe Weather Enclosed Blinds are approved for use by the Texas Department of Insurance and the Florida Building Commission.

Look for the Severe Weather Door Glass symbol when browsing Light-Touch® Blinds. Severe Weather door glass

ODL Severe Weather Light-Touch Enclosed Blinds