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Finishing, care, & maintenance
Retractable Screens

Finishing, Care,
& Maintenance

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Keep the screen tracks clean and lubricated with furniture polish or WD-40. Once a year, check track screws to make sure they are secure. Do not operate the screen during freezing temperatures.

If you should rip the fabric screen, contact ODL for a replacement screen fabric cartridge. Simply pull the damaged screen cartridge out, and slide the new cartridge in.

If your screen is not retracting quickly enough:

  1. Check to make sure that the top track is not causing any binding of the screen handle. If you do have binding, make sure that you installed the top track per the installation instructions. Remember, you do not want to use a square or level for positioning your top track.
  2. Make sure tracks are clean and free from any debris that could cause the screen handle to slow down.
  3. Check track screws to make sure that they are secure, but not too tight. Track screws that are installed too tightly can cause the track to twist, which in turn can cause the handle to bind.
  4. Apply a lubricant such as furniture polish or WD-40 to the tracks regularly.

Care and maintenance of Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens
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RTM series—2 units required (white)

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